C006-Bicyle Light with 2 Laser Lane Markers
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 1. Laser Light Flash Modes: Both on, both flash, off
  2. LED Light Flash Modes: Flash back and forth, all flash, all on, off
  3. Advanced Dual Laser Beams Mode
  4. 5 High-brightness LED Lights
  5. Persistent, Stable and Even Light
  6. Exquisite Workmanship, Elegant Appearance and Waterproof Design
  7. Simple Operation, Easy Installation and Firm Fixation
  8. HD Infrared Ray
  9. Broad LaserTail Light for Your Safe Bicycling at Night
Dimension	48*66*95mm
Color	Black and Red
Weight	91.1g(With Batery)
Lights	48*66*95mm
Warranty	1 Year

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